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About the Bloggers

About the Bloggers

Jacob Klein

Jacob Klein graduated from Scarsdale High School in June 2012, and has deferred enrollment to Wharton until 2013. Jacob enjoys playing sports, such as baseball, skiing, and basketball. He also spends much of his time on writing, tutoring, and fantasy football.  During his five months in China, Jacob will take Chinese classes at Tsinghua University, work at a college consulting company, play on the school’s baseball team, and eat a grotesque amount of meat sticks. You can often find him sleeping, drag racing his bike through the streets of the university, or pretending to study at the international café.

Geoffrey Kristof

Geoffrey Kristof graduated from Scarsdale High Scarsdale in June 2012, and has deferred enrollment to Harvard University until 2013. He enjoys reading, backpacking, and debating about philosophy with anyone who will indulge him. During his gap year, Geoff hopes to keep a going tally of the Chinese delicacies he consumes (including duck brain and pig intestine), travel to places he cannot pronounce the name of (preferably one of the scattered few his dad has never visited), and discussing as much international politics as possible without being carted away by state security.

One Comment
  1. Hi Geoffrey and Jacob,

    This is Nadia, Website Director at I’ve just been reading about your gap year experiences so far in China, and it sounds like you are both having a great time (what a great place to spent your time off and learn some Mandarin!). At Go Overseas, we feature gap year experiences like yours to help our audience plan their trips. Let me know if you’re interested in sharing your experience as well, and I will send more details, our audience would love to learn more about your gap year project.

    Best, and happy traveling!

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